Vodafone’s Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo Review

Vodafone Samsung Galaxy Pocket NeoAfter picking up the Galaxy Pocket Neo, we will soon find out that it is just another not-so-fantastic Samsung’s plastic affair. The device is so tiny that is virtually disappears in larger hands and combined with its cheap plastic material, the Pocket Neo could be mistaken as a toy phone. At almost 12mm thick, the phone also feels chubby compared to high-end models with their razor thin design.

The 3-inch LCD (320 x 240) display has reasonably accurate color reproduction, although we would have trouble distinguishing using it in the outdoors. So, it is often important to crank the brightness level when users leave their home, which would hurt battery life somewhat.

Samsung puts the TouchWiz Lite UI on top of the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2) OS. The toyish and cartoony design of Samsung’s custom UI further suggests that the Pocket Neo is not intended for seriously-minded individuals. Further inside, we see the low-end 850MHz Broadcom BCM21654/G single-core processor and 512MB of RAM.

The 2Mp fixed-focus camera on the back, isn’t much better than front-facing shooters found on mid-tier Android devices. The Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo is available from the Vodafone UK for £50 with Pay As You Go plan.

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