AT&T Recalls Its Nexus 6

Nexus 6 SmartphoneMotorola have apparently loaded incorrect software into the Motorola Nexus 6 smartphone and this result in a recall. Software issues seem to lead to dark screen on some devices and prevent connection to AT&T’s network. At the moment, the recall is aimed only for early batches of the Nexus 6. Apparently, consumers who return a bricked Nexus 6 to AT&T store will get a fresh, new unit.

It is also said that the company’s inventory will be refilled with proper Nexus 6 units as replacement for affected ones. It appears that this issue happened because AT&T has performed specific customization on the Nexus 6. Obviously, there are various AT&T bloatware added into the phone and although they can be removed, there’s an added complexity with the phone. As a result, the device has higher risk of getting new bugs and this situation is one of them.

AT&T’s Nexus 6 is SIM-locked and it is a way to force consumers to use its network and ensure long-term loyalty. As an exchange, consumers could purchase the phone at lower price. There are many additional extras, such as AT&T’s classic ringtone, which is an obvious giveaway that we are using an AT&T device.

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