Windows-Based HTC One M8 for T-Mobile Arrives

HTC One M8Phone users have been desperately wanting for new models that can rival the new iPhone 6. It appears that T-Mobile has provided an alternative and it is a version of HTC One M8 with Windows Phone operating system. Initially, the device is available only online, but soon will also be sold on T-Mobile’s stores in the United States.

If users choose to purchase the phone upfront, they need to spend $585 and the phone will be delivered with the Equipment Installation Plan. Those who choose for the plan don’t need to pay upfront, but they are required to pay $24.40 each month for a couple of years (24 months).

There’s an opportunity to get the HTC Dot View case for free and it allows users to read notifications without having to turn on their device. Activating the helpful personal assistant, Cortana, will also be as easy as swiping the Dot View case. Normally, users need to purchase the case for $49.99. The HTC One M8 was originally introduced by Verizon and HTC. Later, T-Mobile and AT&T announced that they will provide Windows-based HTC One M8 for their subscribers. click site here

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