Verizon Wireless Offers a More Affordable Prepaid Data Plan Through Walmart

Verizon Wireless Prepaid Data PlanVerizon Wireless offers a couple of new prepaid options, as announced in a Walmart store at Sacramento, CA. Its new £33 per month smartphone plan offers 1GB of data, along with unlimited talk time and text messages.

Previously, the £40 monthly plan was the least expensive plan available with 2GB of data and unlimited talk time and text messages. It’s worth noting that the new plan is exclusive only to Walmart consumers and it’s not clear whether Verizon will soon extend the offer to its own official stores.

Verizon also introduces another change to its data plan, which is free unlimited text messages to recipients in Mexico. Again there’s no confirmation from the carrier about this and a few consumers found out only through round stickers placed on various advertising. As far as we know, free text messages to recipients in Mexico isn’t exclusive only to Walmart consumers.

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