Boost Mobile Finally Stops Offering Pay As You Go Plan

Boost MobileBoost Mobile recently distributed text message to their subscribers saying that they will no longer able to use the Pay As you Go plan. Starting from September 26, it will no longer possible for them to migrate from other plans to Pay As You Go.

The plan was among Boos Mobile earliest offerings and it was released to subscribers in 2001. In fact, it was the only plan Boost Mobile offered for many years. Sprint no longer prioritizes Pay As You Go plan for quite a while. First it makes it harder for subscribers to find the plan and later it doubled the rates.

After the price hike, Boost Mobile’s Pay As You Go plan is no longer a very good value. Nevertheless, it is still an important communication lifeline for low-income individuals, since subscribers only need to pay a minimum of £6.5 every three months.

Pay As You Go plans are considered as real prepaid offering and it is an excellent choice for people who use less than 300 minutes of talktime each month.

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