Netflix Launches World’s First All-IP Prepaid Carrier

Netflix All-IP Prepaid CarrierNetflix is widely known for its VoIP calling app and TextNow freemium messaging service. It has recently started a prepaid MNVO, called TextNow. The service integrates with Sprint’s 3G/4G WiMAX data networks. All voice calls are channeled through VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocols) and the service also sends text messages through the data network.

It is also claimed that that TextNow is the first all-IP carrier in the world. The carrier requires subscribers to use TextNow phones, but there’s plan to allow them use Sprint handsets sometime in the future. A refurbished Samsung Galaxy SII costs only  £129, while the refurbished Samsung Nexus S is priced at £58.

Either phone requires  £5.75. of shipping cost. The carrier offers three plans all with unlimited incoming calls and text messages; with the Tall plan  £12.25 offers 750 minutes of talk time and 500MB data, Grande  £17.35 with 1250 minutes of talk time and 1GB of data; and Venti £25.75 with 2000 minutes of talk time and 2GB of data.

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