NET10 Removes 1.5GB Cap and Makes Its Data Plan Unlimited

NET10 Unlimited Data PlanA member of HowardForums recently shared an email message from TracFone that the data plan for Net10 is now unlimited and they have removed the 1.5GB monthly data cap. When Straight Talk stopped selling AT&T’s BYOP SIM completely, NET10 responded by applying a data cap on March.

Just a couple of days ago Straight Talk started offering AT&T SIM again. Also previously, AT&T’s MNVO offered higher data allowance with their plan and reduced the data costs. These favorable developments could happen because AT&T lowered the data costs it charges to MNVOs.

If the email is true, this could mean that AT&T charge Tracfone less for data and consequently NET10 subscribers are allowed to use more data. It’s quite obvious that even the cap is removed, it’s unlikely that the data plan offered by NET10 is really unlimited. Prepaid carriers have a habit of throttling data speed without explanation or warning, once certain limit is reached.

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