Google Sells the Nexus 5 £50 Cheaper in the Play Store

Google Nexus 5Google has partnered with multiple retailers worldwide to get their Nexus 5 available at many regions, but at a price. Retailers in the UK reported recently that Google has undercut them by up to £50, this makes a purchase thorough the Play Store much more compelling. They currently sell the Nexus 5 at £350, whereas consumers can get the phone from Play Store UK for only £300.

Google applies the same pricing with the earlier Nexus 4 and it has been setting rather aggressive pricing with its Nexus devices. It is quite unlikely the company would sell the phone at a straight loss, but it is possible that Google is selling the Nexus 5 with very little margin. Consumers would likely choose to keep to the Google Play Store, especially if they want save a wad of cash.

The Nexus 5 with its 5-inch 1080p display is a phone that is infused with plenty of Android’s goodness. It comes with an 8Mp rear-facing camera that is more improved than compared with earlier Nexus devices, with HDR+ feature and OIS for video recording. In Android space, it is the first device to showcase the Kit Kat (Android 4.4) OS. It comes with multiple new features, as an example users can bark out ‘OK Google’ to immediately the voice command feature to perform a variety of tasks.

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