Apple Officially Releases iPhone 5C 8GB

Apple iPhone 5CApple has released the more affordable iPhone 5C 8GB with initial availability in European markets. The phone is designed as a direct replacement for the original iPhone 5 and the company still keeps the iPhone 4S in its lineup as an entry-level model. In the United Kingdom, the iPhone 5C 8GB appears initially on the official website of O2, followed by availability in China, Australia and Germany.

UK consumers could purchase the phone for ?429, which is not much cheaper than the 16GB variant of the phone, at ?469. In Germany, the iPhone 5C 8GB is only 50 Euro cheaper than the 16GB model. Pricing for US market hasn’t been revealed, but if we extrapolate from prices in Europe, the phone could be between 60 and 70 dollars less expensive; or about $449.

The Apple iPhone 5C is similar to the original iPhone 5, but there are also a few changes. One thing that we notice is the transition to the plastic build, from the more premium aluminum build. One interesting aspect that the company emphasizes is the availability of multiple chassis colors, white, yellow, pink, green and blue. On the other hand, the iPhone 5 is available only in black and white.

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