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Walmart May Begin Selling Two New Prepaid Phones for Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile

Walmart has quietly put two new prepaid and Android smartphone on its shelves, one for Virgin Mobile and another for Boost Mobile. The Samsung Galaxy Ring is available for £83.50 and it is designed for the Virgin Mobile. The Samsung Prevail 2 is intended for the Boost Mobile and users can get it for only

Boost Mobile Finally Stops Offering Pay As You Go Plan

Boost Mobile recently distributed text message to their subscribers saying that they will no longer able to use the Pay As you Go plan. Starting from September 26, it will no longer possible for them to migrate from other plans to Pay As You Go. The plan was among Boos Mobile earliest offerings and it

Boost Mobile’s ZTE Warp Sequent and HTC One SV Will Soon Get Android 4.1 Update

A digital newsletter for Boost Mobile dealers recently mentioned that users of ZTE Warp Sequent and HTC One SV will soon get the newer Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) OS update. The build will be delivered over the air, bringing smoother interface through Project Butter and timely information updates through Google Now. The Warp Sequent will