Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Will Be Available Soon From Verizon

Samsung Galaxy Note 4Despite Verizon’s silence, it is clear that the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the carrier’s network is already in sight. Mutiple carriers, including Verizon, have confirmed that they will offer the phablet after Samsung announced its latest phablet. Verizon is one of the largest network providers in the United States, so it will be a likely destination for buyers who seek to get Galaxy Note 4. As comparison, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T have released the device on October 17th, US Cellular and Verizon fail to announce any meaningful detail.

Regardless of what happen, we could be sure that Verizon will release the Note 4 quite soon. There’s no clear answer about the release date itself, but some sources say that it will be available on October 23rd.

It should be noted that popular retailers, such as Best Buy and Amazon won’t take online pre-order for Verizon Galaxy Note 4, but the former could still accept direct pre-order on its physical retail stores. However, due to lack of announcement, we need to confirm directly to make sure. Also because Verizon hasn’t launched the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung’s $200 trade-in deal may still apply.

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