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Uber is Included in Sprint’s Android Smartphones

Uber is a relatively popular taxi app and Sprint has automatically added the app in its Android smartphones. New customers could get a free credit of $20. It’s the latest move by the developer and the carrier to attract customers. This is also an attempt by the company to counteract multiple negative headlines that affect

Walmart May Begin Selling Two New Prepaid Phones for Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile

Walmart has quietly put two new prepaid and Android smartphone on its shelves, one for Virgin Mobile and another for Boost Mobile. The Samsung Galaxy Ring is available for £83.50 and it is designed for the Virgin Mobile. The Samsung Prevail 2 is intended for the Boost Mobile and users can get it for only

Motorola Will Release Low-Cost Moto X for Prepaid Subscribers

Motorola has recently taken the wrap off its newest Android smartphone, the Moto X, which confirms pricing information and specs list. We heard previously that the Moto X will be available for £193 off contract and Motorola finally said that the phone will arrive for £128 on-contract, which puts the phone in similar category with

Verizon Prepaid Will Soon Offer Samsung Stellar and LG Exalt

We have heard previously that the HTC One and Motorola Moto X are coming to Verizon; now it appears two budget handsets will be available for its prepaid users.  The Samsung Galaxy Stellar is an entry-level Android smartphone with Starter Mode, which assist users who don’t have any experience with an Android smartphone. Numerous easy-to-use