Uber is Included in Sprint’s Android Smartphones

Sprint PhonesUber is a relatively popular taxi app and Sprint has automatically added the app in its Android smartphones. New customers could get a free credit of $20. It’s the latest move by the developer and the carrier to attract customers. This is also an attempt by the company to counteract multiple negative headlines that affect the app.

In a recently published statement, the company said that the app should provide affordable, reliable and safe transportation-related servce. It isn;t the first time the developer of Uber works with a high-profile company. Previously, Uber formed a similar partnership with AT&T. It also works with Google and users can order drivers using the Uber service through Google Maps.

Uber has gained reasonable popularity, thanks to its usefulness. As an example, users can track specific taxi on the map and they can rate the driver straight from the app. It was launched in 2009 and the service has enjoyed a global success. The service has been expanded to 45 countries worldwide and 140 cities in the United States.

Unfortunately, the company has also attracted unwanted headlines. Due to issues of side-stepped regulations, the service has been banned in Spain. An Uber-affiliated driver from India has also been accused of rape attempt, causing the suspension of the service in India.

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