T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile Offers A New Monthly Plan

T-Mobile MVNO LycamobileT-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile is offering a new monthly plan, which allows subscribers to get nationwide voice call, text messaging and data for just £10 per month. For the Pay As You Go plan, subscribers can get 1MB of data for 6c, one text message for 4c and one minute of voice call for 2c.

However, by choosing the £10 plan, users can get a bonus credit for international talk time and text messages to other Lycamobile users anywhere around the world. They also get 250 minutes of nationwide voice call, £0.64 of international call credit and 50 MB of data. Lycamobile offers affordable international rates to India, China and Canada (1c per minute for mobile or landline); and the United Kingdom and Mexico (1c per minute for landlines only).

Lycamobile is a new MVNO in the United States, but currently the largest in Europe. It is integrated with T-Mobile’s network and currently doesn’t offer MMS messaging. Only prepaid, unlocked handsets work with the plan. Overall, the new £10 plan from Lycamobile is appropriate for users looking for unlimited text messaging with a bit of voice call and data.

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