Prepaid Subscribers of O2 UK Could be More Easily Affected by Adverse Weather

O2 PhonesO2 announced in its website that adverse weather condition has caused outage in a portion of its network. This prevented some prepaid subscribers from sending text messages, completing phone calls and accessing data. O2 also wrote in its website that some users could experience difficulties and the carrier was trying to fix the issues.

The company also seeks to calm customers through its official Twitter page by offering apologies for the disrupted connection. For some customers, they only found that data connection is stuck, but others experience more wide-ranging effects. Bad weathers cause dropped calls and in some cases, users receive no service at all.

Thus far, network issues are still considered as “intermittent” and resellers have been advised to assure users that the situation will improve. It is not clear why O2 is the only one affected significantly by weather problems.

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