Verizon Updates Prepaid Plans for Its MNVO, the Next G

Verizon Prepaid PlansVerizon launched its MNVO, the Next G Mobile, about one year ago and recently subscribers will obtain some changes to their current plans. They can now choose between four new monthly plans that start from £6 with 500 text messages and 300 minutes of talk time for one month without MMS and data.

For £12 users get 1000 text messages and 500 minutes of talk time; and for  £19 they get 4000 text messages and 1200 minutes of talk time, both with no MMS and data, also for one month. For additional £12 users can get 1GB of data, which is an improvement from 250MB of data for £6 offered by previous plans.

Subscribers can now get unlimited test messages, talk time and data for £38 However, there’s a cap to the data plan, users can access the first 2GB of data with the 3G network, but the throttled to an unspecified lower speed.

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