Three UK Eliminates Roaming Charges for Prepaid Subscribers

Three UK Prepaid PhonesPrepaid subscribers of Three UK can now make calls, send texts and use data without incurring hefty roaming charges in seven countries. The new Feel at Home plan eliminates these charges when subscribers travel to Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, Austria, Italy, Australia and Ireland. However, customers traveling to the United States still need to pay ridiculously expensive data charges at £3 per MB.

With the new plan, subscribers get normal UK rates regardless of the intermediary network their devices are connected to. Other than the prepaid Pay As You Go plan, business customers, mobile broadband users and those with Three contract can also get benefits from the Feel at Home plan.

Even after the normal allowances expires, the roaming rates will still be lower than usual; €0.23/minute of talk time, €0.08/ text message and €0.11/MB of data. Unfortunately, the Feel at Home plan still come with a number of data usages limitations. As an example, subscribers can’t tether the device while traveling abroad and the plan expires after three months, since it’s intended for travelers, not permanent residents.

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