The “Conflict-Free” Fairphone is Released in London

FairphoneIt has been a rather busy month for prepaid phone markets in the United Kingdom with the release of new BlackBerry model and iPhone 5S/5C. A rather unique phone model called the Fairphone has also been recently released in London. It is allegedly a “conflict-free” smartphone, which uses material extracted from legal mining sites, is made by workers with decent living wage and runs customizable open source OS.

The recycled polycarbonate body would appease tree-huggers and qualify the phone as an eco-friendly device. The Fairphone feels rather hefty in the hand at 170 grams and with 4.3-inch Dragontail display, it’s smaller than current top model devices.

The Fairphone is equipped with 16GB of onboard storage and users can insert up to 64GB of microSD card into the external memory slot. Unlike the iPhone 5S, the Fairphone has removable battery, which improves its lifespan. Its operating system is a completely rebuilt version of Android OS, developed by the London-based Kwame Corp. The Fairphone is available for prepaid subscribers in the UK for £274.

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