PlatinumTel Will Stop Offering CDMA Service at August 26

PlatinumTel CDMA ServicePlatinumTel announced last December that they cease offering CDMA service through Sprint’s network at the middle of 2013. The MNVO will soon be a T-Mobile GSM MVNO and no longer a Sprint CDMA MVNO . However, as we are entering the month of July, Ptel’s CDMA service is still working, but obviously, not much longer.

When users go to the “My Account” section at Ptel’s official website, they will find a message that confirms the provider will no longer deliver the CDMA service starting from August 26, 2013. Subscribers will have the opportunity to add funds to their CDMA accounts until July 28.

PlatinumTel will provide free GSM SIM and discounts on new phones; with codes sent to current CDMA subscribers through email and text messages. Users will also be able to keep outstanding cash balances when they eventually be transferred to T-Mobile’s GSM network.

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