O2 Could Be a Better Option for Prepaid Subscribers to Trade in Their Older iPhone Models

O2 Prepaid SubscribersApple will soon launch its new iPhone model and there will be many prepaid subscribers in the UK who want to upgrade to the 7th-gen iPhone. Consequently, we will soon see millions of older iPhone models being sold in the UK months after the launch. Prepaid subscribers with earlier iPhone models can upgrade their device to the iPhone 5S at O2 UK.

Other than Apple, O2 is another popular option for consumers planning to trade in their iPhone 5 or older models. It appears that O2 UK offers better deal than Apple. The carrier is willing to purchase a 32GB iPhone 5 for £285.

As a comparison Apple offers only £160 for a 16GB iPhone 5. It would make better sense if Apple offers a few dozens pound less for the 16GB model. Amazon’s offers more for used iPhone devices, but consumers get Amazon gift certificate instead of real money, which is not too appealing.

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