MVNO Lycamobile Stops Offering Free SIMs

LycamobileSince the T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile first launched its prepaid service in March, they have been offering free SIMs to attract new subscribers in the competitive US market. This would allow users to spend less money to try out the service. And because it’s free, surely many people would order the SIM, just in case they need it in an emergency.

Unfortunately, the offer has ended recently, since the MVNO now requires users to pay £4 for shipping and handling charges to get the “free” SIM. However, this is still a reasonable price, since some prepaid carriers charge up to £12 for a SIM card plus shipping. With the added costs, subscribers would surely hope that Lycamobile is able to deliver the SIM card quickly to them.

Lycamobile has been criticized for poor reliability in delivering SIM cards to users, in some cases, subscribers have to order three times before they finally get one. Lycamobile is a major prepaid carrier in Europe and it may take awhile for the company to come up with a more stable business operation.

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