iPhone 5C is Available for Pre-Order in the United Kingdom

Apple iPhone 5CiPhone 5C is finally available for pre-order and it is not a “low-cost” device after all. With £469 for the 16GB version and £549 for the 32GB version, these prices are comparable to current mid-tier and last year’s top-level Android devices.

Major carriers in the United Kingdom have reported significant responses to the iPhone 5C, with approximately double digit growth compared to last year. It is predicted that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will set a new record. To date, about 75 percent of pre-orders at Phones 4U involve iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S on 4G network.

It appears that the pre-orders for both devices will continue to go through the roof in coming weeks. Both Apple and major carriers in the United Kingdom are exceptionally busy to prepare for the launch date on September 20. The phone will go on-sale officially on various Phones4U stores across the country and carriers’ online shops.

Pre-Order iPhone 5C From: BuyMobiles.net or Phones4U

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