EE’s 4G Network is Available for Prepaid Subscribers in 12 More Towns

EE 4G NetworkFor prepaid subscribers in the United Kingdom, EE is one of the better options for 4G access. The carrier currently covers about sixty percent of the population in the United Kingdom. It has a plan to achieve nearly 100 percent of coverage before 2015. EE is the first LTE carrier in the United Kingdom and it has delivered 4G data access for prepaid subscribers before rivals are just beginning to roll out the same high-speed data service.

Recently, EE has just expanded 4G coverage to 12 more towns, including Halifax, Trent, Fleet and Reigate. Consequently, prepaid subscribers in 117 towns in the United Kingdom can now access 4G data access from the carrier.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries with the faster growth of 4G LTE network. It allows data transfer approximately similar to average household DSL connections. Earlier this month, Everything Everywhere reached an important milestone with one million customers amassed since initial launch.

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