BlackBerry 10 “Aristo” is Shown on a Leaked Video

BlackBerry 10 AristoWe’ve seen leaked details and text of the BlackBerry 10 “Aristo”, but videos are always better. Recently, a short clip showing BlackBerry’s upcoming handset made its way online. It shows a user unlocking the BlackBerry A10, navigating through the settings menu and home screens; and finally accessing the BlackBerry Hub.

The device seems is quite similar to the one shown in previous leaked image. It has a front-facing camera located next to the earpiece, white chin and rounded corners. The phone looks quite big for a BlackBerry and rumor says that the phone will have a 5” 720p Super AMOLED display. The video doesn’t provide meaningful new details, but it still gives us a good idea on how the phone will look like in someone’s hand.

It has been suggested that the A10 would be unveiled this fall and released initially on Sprint around November. We are still months away from the actual release date, but at least, loyal BlackBerry fans know that they will get something bigger and better than what they are using so far.

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