AT&T Introduces New Prepaid Plans

AT&T Prepaid PlansAT&T recently launched three new tiers of prepaid plans, which replaces a more complicated set used by the company. With these new plans, users would be able to access the much faster 4G LTE data connection if they have compatible devices.

The most fully-featured plan costs users £38 which offers unlimited talk time, unlimited text messages and a couple gigabytes of data. An additional 1GB of data will cost £6 which is quite reasonable since with the previous plan users get only 1GB of data with £41

For £25 users will get 500 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messages and 200MB of data. It costs users about £3 to get 100MB of additional data. The entry-level plan costs £16 plan with 250 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messages and no data package. Optionally, users can purchase £3 for 50MB of additional data.

These new plans are introduced as the company is pushing more vigorously into the no-contract business, which appeals more to lower-income subscribers.

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