Apple iPhone 5S is the Fastest Prepaid Smartphone in the UK

Apple iPhone 5SSmartphone enthusiasts often argue that the have the greatest handset, but it appears that the iPhone 5S could be the fastest. The handset has been tested against the likes of the LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 using various benchmarking tools, both for single- and multi-core performance. Samsung actually made the A7 64-bit processor and it helps the iPhone 5S to come out on top.
Prepaid subscriber in the UK, seeking to get the fastest smartphone available should consider results offered by a tech magazine in the country, Which.

The test involved six flagship smartphone models in the country and the iPhone 5S easily broke records in benchmarking tests. It appears to be nearly twice faster than the original iPhone 5 and about 50 percent faster than the Samsung Galaxy S4. An expert at Which says that the iPhone 5S is easily the fastest smartphone they have ever tested. With its 1.3GHz dual-core processor, the iPhone 5S manages to outperform the competition, although typical high-end devices have quad-/octa-core processor.

It appears that more cores and higher frequency clock don’t always guarantee better performance. GeekBench is the preferred tool used to compare iOS and Android devices. The iPhone 5S scored 2,561 points, followed by the LG G2 with its Snapdragon 800 processor, at 2,355 points.

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