Android 4.4.1 Update is Available for Prepaid Nexus 4 in the UK

Prepaid Nexus 4Android 4.4.1 update has finally arrived for prepaid Nexus 4 units in the United Kingdom and it is developed to address most glitches discovered in the original release of the KitKat. The new build is available for download as an OTA (over the air) update. As an alternative, users could also install the Android 4.4.1 manually to give themselves some amount of flexibility.

It should be noted that the installation procedures are different for rooted and non-rooted Nexus 4 models. As always, users can’t hold anyone liable for any kind of damage during and after the installation of the firmware. Most of the changes and enhancements are developed for the newer Nexus 5, but users of prepaid Nexus 4 in the United Kingdom can get glitches related to the ART runtimes fixed.

The immersive mode no longer breaks when users adjust the volume level. On the lockscreen of Nexus 4, the navigation has become transparent. The default Gallery app is now the new Photo app and in Quick tiles, the Settings icon has been changed. The Miracast setting is now labeled as “Cast Settings”. Under the Mobile Data option, the selection for 4G LTE connectivity is now shown as “recommended”. In the notification bar, the icons for cellular reception, battery level and WiFi connection are now aligned more properly.

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