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TracFone Prepaid PhonesTracfone prepaid phones are typically made by Samsung, Motorola, LG and Kyocera. Subscribers can decide the type of networks they want to use. Tracfone uses “units” to measure text messages and mobile web browsing. As an example, sending or receiving three text messages equals to deducting one unit from subscriber’s account, while a couple minutes of web browsing also deduct one unit.

Tracfone may not be known for its high-end prepaid phone models, but users can still take advantage of highly reliable low-cost handsets. For only £9 subscribers can get prepaid phones with camera, Bluetooth connectivity and mobile web access.

Even Tracfone’s most advanced prepaid phones doesn’t exceed £64 although they have smartphone-like design, these are typically features phones with basic touchscreen interface. In essence, Tracfone is an ideal prepaid carrier for subscribers with basic requirements.

Tracfone is a well-known prepaid carrier that’s committed to make their subscribers’ life easier by letting them to purchase low-cost phones without long-term contracts and hidden costs. Unlike other prepaid carriers, unused minutes don’t expire at the end the month.

  • LG 840G £32 is a compact phone with mobile web browser, 2Mp rear facing camera, Bluetooth and free Triple Minutes for Life
  • Motogo! EX431G £19 with 2Mp rear facing camera, Bluetooth connectivity, full QWERTY keyboard and free Double Minutes for Life
  • LG 530G £25 is a compact feature phone with mobile web browser, 1.3Mp rear facing camera and full QWERTY keyboard.
  • LG 800G £32 is a touchscreen feature phone with mobile web browser, Bluetooth connectivity, 2Mp rear facing camera, MMS and MP3 player.
  • Samsung S390G £32  is a texting-oriented feature phone with full QWERTY keyboard, 2Mp rear facing camera, mobile web browser and Bluetooth connectivity.

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