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MetroPCS Now Sells LG Optimus F3

The LTE-capable LG Optimus F3 is one of the more popular budget smartphones in the prepaid market. Originally priced at £96 the Optimus F3 is now available from MetroPCS for only £63 With the phone, users can get a good combination between performance and low price tag. With nearly 14 hours of talk time, the

MetroPCS is Offering Rebate for Migration to GSM Network

MetroPCS is offering two new promotions that give subscribers a £64 rebate for migrating to the carrier’s GSM service. The first £32 main-in rebate is available for subscribers who port their number to MetroPCS’ network by September 30. Unfortunately, T-Mobile MNVO and T-Mobile numbers are not eligible. Another £32 main-in rebate is available for users

MetroPCS Recently Introduces the Alcatel 768

MetroPCS has recently offered the Alcatel 768 to its prepaid subscribers and the phone is essentially a low-cost phone that works on T-Mobile’s network. The Alcatel 768 comes with a 2.4-inch (240 x 320) display and a secondary display positioned on the outer side of the phone. There’s a 2Mp camera on the back and

Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Arriving to MetroPCS Subscribers

Finally, MetroPCS has expanded its prepaid phone offerings by adding the new Samsung Galaxy S4 for select nationwide markets. The phone will be available for £353 non-contract with unlimited plans. The Galaxy S4 can be paired with MetroPCS’ affordable LTE 4G plans, that start from £25 per month with unlimited text, talk and data; including

Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Soon Enter MetroPCS Network

MetroPCS published a video on Vine showing the Samsung Galaxy S4 that will join the prepaid carrier’s network soon. The fifth most popular carrier in the United States is a subsidiary of T-Mobile. The short clip shows the older Samsung Galaxy S3 model followed immediately by “+1 = ?”, so, it isn’t too difficult to

MetroPCS Applies Significant Discounts to Prepaid CDMA and LTE Smartphones

MetroPCS have made its CDMA phones significantly cheaper for its subscribers today, by implementing steep discounts. Six prepaid phone models originally priced between £44 and £83 are now available for only £16 These devices are LG Optimus M+, HTC Wildfire, ZTE Score M, Samsung Admire (red and grey), Huawei M835 (Tokidoki version) and original Huawei