Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Soon Enter MetroPCS Network

MetroPCS PhonesMetroPCS published a video on Vine showing the Samsung Galaxy S4 that will join the prepaid carrier’s network soon. The fifth most popular carrier in the United States is a subsidiary of T-Mobile. The short clip shows the older Samsung Galaxy S3 model followed immediately by “+1 = ?”, so, it isn’t too difficult to figure out that the carrier is planning to give us the Galaxy S4.

MetroPCS’ variant of Galaxy S4 would include 4G LTE connectivity, but perhaps without the slower HSPA+. T-Mobile is actually planning to migrate current MetroPCS subscribers to their network. And with more than half MetroPCS subscribers upgrading to new smartphone models each year, T-Mobile should be able to complete the transition by 2015.

Eventually, the two carriers will become one and the release of Samsung Galaxy S4 is a step towards that direction. The phone remains one of the hottest in the market months after its official release and it should become more attractive when combined with MetroPCS’ main draw, the contract-free, pay-as-you-go plan.

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