T-Mobile Seems to Steer Subscribers Away From Its Prepaid Phones

T-Mobile Prepaid PhonesT-Mobile subscribers typically visit prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com to shop for available prepaid phones in company’s lineup. In general, the prices are similar to what we see on Amazon, Walmart and Target. But when subscribers buy their phone from T-Mobile’s site, they may get the free airtime refill. Unfortunately, T-Mobile made its prepaid phones up to 50 percent more expensive, when they launched the “UNcarrier” program a few months ago. New smartphone users must purchase £32 card and feature phone users need to get a  £6 card.

Now, T-Mobile begins to charge an additional £6 for the non-removable SIM card. The company has also removed the link to its prepaid phone stores from the homepage and it’s quite clear that the carrier is planning to reduce the number of prepaid subscribers. Actually, T-Mobile’s postpaid offerings are now much better with no credit check, and lower plan prices. Subscribers can also get unlimited talk time and text messages by putting multiple postpaid phones on a family plan.

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