Prepaid HTC One Max Arrives in the United Kingdom

Prepaid HTC One MaxHTC’s colossus has been unleashed in the United Kingdom and it is available for any prepaid subscriber in the country. The SIM-free behemoth is now available for just under £600. The lowest price of HTC One Max is £585 at Unlocked Mobiles including £6 for next-day delivery fee.

Clove and Handtec are also offering approximately similar pricing. Those who are unwilling to pay the full price of the HTC One Max upfront could get the phone from Vodafone with £49 of initial payment, followed by £47 of monthly payments for the next 24 months.

The HTC One Max is an enlarged version of the original HTC One with its sleek metallic design. Although experts praise it for its bold, bright and big display, the One Max could be a little bit too heavy and bulky for average users.

Nevertheless, the HTC One Max could be useful for corporate users, since quick typing on the bigger display would be much easier. Watching videos on the 6-inch display is also much more enjoyable. However, users who really prioritize on pocketability should look at the other end of the spectrum. The HTC One Mini with 4.3-inch display could fit more easily on smaller or tighter pockets.

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