NET10 Prepaid Phones

NET10 Prepaid PhonesGSM phones, which support text messaging and voice call at a minimum. Affordable prepaid models from the company offer wireless web, QWERTY keyboard, hands-free speaker, camera and Bluetooth. The carrier is known for its memorable slogan “No Bills, No Contracts, No Evil”, which promises reliable, cheap prepaid services.

Phone users can use both auto-pay plans and airtime card. Other solution is by adding more talk time, using the “Rapid Refill” feature from company’s official website. NET10 Wireless typically offers Android smartphones from Samsung and LG, which can be integrated with the £32 Unlimited plan.

Unlocked iPhone models from NET10 use mini SIM cards, which also includes the £32 unlimited monthly plan. Overall, prepaid phones from Net10 are a perfect match for subscribers’ busy daily life, which can help them to interact, multitask and share better.

The company currently offers:

Apple iPhone 5s LG 306G Samsung Galaxy Centura
Huawei Glory LG Optimus Dynamic Samsung Galaxy S4
LG 236C LG Optimus Q ZTE Midnight

Prepaid phones for Net10 are perfect options for the frugal, since subscriber can pay close attention to their bills anytime. Compared to the competitors, Net10 offers competitive deals, which include unlimited talk time, text messages and data. Net10 prepaid phones include:

  • Motorola EM326G £16 is a basic feature phone with mobile web browser, Bluetooth connectivity and stylish slider design.
  • LG 300 – Refurbished £16 is a compact feature phone with handsfree speaker and text messaging.
  • LG Optimus Q £45 is a low-end Android 2.3 smartphone with 3.2” display and 5 hours of talk time.
  • Samsung T201G – Refurbished £ 19 is a compact flip feature phone with vivid color display.
  • LG 800 £32 is a low-end touchscreen feature phone with 2Mp rear-facing camera, Bluetooth connectivity and mobile web browser.
  • Samsung T404G £38 is a compact feature phone with color display.

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