BlackBerry Z30 is Available for Pre-order in the UK

BlackBerry Z30BlackBerry may be nearly helpless to prevent its market share from sliding further and the newly unveiled Z30 could be one of the last remaining oomps the company has. The phone is recently available for pre-order in the United Kingdom with the actual release date at around September 30.

Carphone Warehouse offers pre-orders for the black, SIM-free version of the phone and it will set prepaid subscribers in the UK for a whopping £529.95. As always, BlackBerry uses similar strategy with Apple, by setting premium pricing for smartphone model with mostly mid-tier hardware specs.

While the BlackBerry offers notable specs boost compared to the earlier Z10, it still lacks impressive performance level when compared to current high-end Android models. As an alternative, subscribers can also choose a 24-month on-contract plan at £32 per month for 600 minutes of talktime, unlimited texts and 720MB of data.

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