Half of iPhone 5C Owners in the UK were Android Users

iPhone 5CApple wanted to lure budget shoppers with the iPhone 5C, but the phone hasn’t been too popular among users. Apple needed to cut back on orders of the phone, while producing more iPhone 5S to meet the high demand. In essence, the iPhone 5C is a new market segment in Apple’s universe.

Previously, the company only needed to deal only with single-device offering, while pushing the older models as budget devices. Reports from UK said that about half of iPhone 5C buyers were Android users; but this piece of information would be more interesting if we know how much iPhone 5C is sold in the United Kingdom. We still don’t know if Apple sold ten thousand or ten million iPhone 5C in the country.

However, we know that the iPhone 5S outsells the iPhone 5C by a wide margin in the United Kingdom. The Kantar Worldpanel ComTech revealed recently that the iPhone 5S outsells its more affordable sibling by an impressive margin of 3 to 1. While the Apple iPhone 5S is still doing well, Android is currently the most popular software platform in the United Kingdom with 56 percent market share. Apple has 29 percent share, Windows Phone is at 12 percent and BlackBerry has a rather laughable share at 3 percent.

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