Vodafone UK Will Expand 4G Network to Five More Cities

Vodafone UKVodafone has partially launched its 4G data network and we have seen launches at some areas London last month on August 29. Experts said that the carrier is taking a conservative approach with its 4G capability. Vodafone will expand availability on September 28, to allow prepaid users in Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Birmingham access the high-speed wireless network.

About 6 times faster than standard 3G data connectivity, the performance of 4G network is often compared to home-based WiFi network hooked to a DSL line. Nevertheless, Vodafone says that data speed may vary due to demand and geographical location.

More cities will be added into its network by the end o the year and Vodafone also has a plan to provide indoor 4G coverage. With the 1-year SIM-only plan, consumers can subscribe to the Vodafone Red 4G ready for £26 each month. Instead of 2GB of data, they can now get 6GB of data. The maximum users can get from Vodafone is 12GB per month. However, for the first three months, customers will get unlimited 4G data.

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