Red Pocket Increases Data Allowance Plan

AT&T MNVOWithout much fanfare, the AT&T’s MNVO, Red Pocket has increased the data allowance from 2GB to 3GB for the £38 plan. Users can also unlimited nationwide talk time and text messages, £1 international voice call credit and 40 text messages for international recipients. It is also less expensive for subscribers to add extra data to their monthly plans.

For £6 they can get an additional 250MB of data and £12 for 1GB. This is a significant improvement for the rather expensive old prices with  £16 for 25MB of additional data and £6 for 10MB. For August only, subscribers bonus data when they renew the plan this month. There’s no change with Red Pocket’s Pay As You Go plan and users still get 1MB for £0.19.

Two other AT&T’s MNVOs also improve their data offerings this week. As an example, H2O also offers 3GB of data with £38 plan, while Airvoice offers £0.21 per MB.

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