iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Pass Through Drop Tests in a Video

Prepaid iPhone 5SUsers of prepaid iPhone 5S handsets with concern on the durability of their devices should expect similar chassis build with the iPhone 5. Meaning, an iPhone 5S falling from chess height has a good chance of surviving with just minor external damages, unless the phone lands flatly on the display. One bigger mystery is whether the all-plastic iPhone 5C will survive the bumps and bounces with its more flexible housing. However, it is still guaranteed that the display will crack if the phone lands squarely face down.

As expected, some outrageous people will begin to drop their brand new iPhone units on purpose, each time Apple releases new device models. Recently released videos show that the iPhone 5C may not hold up too well against the hard pavement, despite the supposedly more flexible plastic chassis.

Some prepaid subscribers in the UK have already obtained the iPhone 5S/5C and the new fact will help undecided buyers to find out which one to choose.

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