iOS 7.0 Update Causes Significant Data Traffic in the UK

Apple iOS 7.0 UpdateThe iOS 7.0 software update has been recently rolled out in the United Kingdom and it has caused significant spike in data traffic. Prepaid subscribers may significantly contribute to this since their devices can readily receive latest iOS updates.

Only ten hours after Apple releases the iOS 7 update in the United Kingdom, about a third of iOS devices in the country were spotted running the new software build. It is expected that the figure grows by approximately one percent every hour.

It has been suggested that there are about 415 million iOS devices in the United Kingdom and this could imply that 130 million devices has received the new update in less than twelve hours. The iOS 7.0 update averages at 750MB in size, but can reach 1.4GB for specific iPad models. This would cause heavy data loads for many network providers and ISPs in the United Kingdom. Similar data traffic spike occurs in the Germany.

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