Virgin Mobile Will Add iPhone 5 To Its Pre-paid Plans

Virgin Mobile iPhone 5Finally Virgin Mobile is set to introduce the iPhone 5 into its network starting on June 28. The carrier will be jumping on the Apple bandwagon, like other prepaid network providers, AT&T, T-Mobile and Straight Talk.  The handset will be a part of their pre-paid plans and users can pay £22 per month to get unlimited data (throttled to lower speed after users reach the 2.5GB mark), unlimited text messages and 300 minutes of voice calls.

Subscribers can opt for lower fee, at £19  if they allow the bill debited automatically each month from their account. They can also get 1200 minutes of talk time for £28 and unlimited talk time for £35 Both are also subject to £3 discounts, if subscribers agree for enabling auto-debit from their account.

Expect to pay a hefty price for prepaid, unlocked iPhone 5, since the 16GB model will be available for £354, 32GB for £418 and 64GB or £482

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