Verizon Wireless Will Add Motorola RAZR M Ultra and Droid RAZR Ultra to Its Network

Motorola RAZR M UltraWe will soon see the Motorola RAZR M Ultra and Droid RAZR Ultra arrive to the Verizon Wireless, based on information given to us by @evleaks. This is hardly surprising since Motorola is expected to have three more devices in the pipeline right after the Moto X.

Now at least, we know their names and it’s evident Motorola won’t dump its RAZR brand anytime soon. Chances are, both phones have little relation with the much-hyped Moto X.

It’s worth noting that Motorola has added the name “Ultra” to its new devices, alongside the RAZR and Droid. The “M” part could indicate a mid-range handset, like the Motorola RAZR M.

On the other hand, the “Ultra” part could tell us that these are high-end devices instead, with full HD display and quad-core processor. We should remember that this is just another unconfirmed leak, although folks behind @evleaks are known for their credibility.

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