T-Mobile Prepaid Plan Archive

Carriers Begin to Sweeten Plans with Annual Phone Upgrade Options

A growing number of subscribers in the United States are switching to prepaid phones, as they are no longer content locked into the more restrictive 2-year contract agreement. No contract is good for users, but they need to purchase the phone at full price and prepaid carriers typically don’t have significant competitive coverage. Things are

T-Mobile Introduces A New Prepaid Family Plan

Budget users will surely find T-Mobile recent announcement interesting. Starting July 14, subscribers can purchase a non-contract, family-plan option, without being signed up to the post-paid Smart Plans operated by TMO. The new plan should be appropriate for any family with up to five people. Consumers can bring a second phone into the plan for

T-Mobile’s Prepaid iPhone 5 Is Now Available in Best Buy and Wal-Mart

The Apple may no longer be the hottest smartphone in the market, but the phone should still be added in any carrier’s portfolio. According to recent news, consumers planning to join T-Mobile’s prepaid plan can now purchase the iPhone 5 from Wal-Mart and Best Buy. The iPhone 5 model has 16GB of internal storage and