T-Mobile Prepaid Phones Archive

Prepaid Sony Xperia Z3 May Be Available From T-Mobile in September

We got wind in early July about T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z3. It was reported that the phone will be compatible with band 12 LTE, but FCC’s filing revealed that the phone will not be compatible with carrier’s 700MHz spectrum. Reliable sources reported that T-Mobile has picked up the phone and it will be available for

LG Optimus F3 Will Soon Arrive to T-Mobile

One more 4G-capable smartphone will soon arrive to T-Mobile’s network. The LG Optimus F3 is aimed to be an affordable, Android-based 4G solution and it will be available on August 7. For a limited time, the phone will be priced at only £0 down with the Simple Choice Plan enabled. Users will need to pay

T-Mobile Seems to Steer Subscribers Away From Its Prepaid Phones

T-Mobile subscribers typically visit prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com to shop for available prepaid phones in company’s lineup. In general, the prices are similar to what we see on Amazon, Walmart and Target. But when subscribers buy their phone from T-Mobile’s site, they may get the free airtime refill. Unfortunately, T-Mobile made its prepaid phones up to 50 percent more

T-Mobile Introduces A New Prepaid Family Plan

Budget users will surely find T-Mobile recent announcement interesting. Starting July 14, subscribers can purchase a non-contract, family-plan option, without being signed up to the post-paid Smart Plans operated by TMO. The new plan should be appropriate for any family with up to five people. Consumers can bring a second phone into the plan for

T-Mobile Will Offer Samsung Gravity Q For Its Prepaid Subscribers

T-Mobile has unveiled a new phone, the Samsung Gravity Q, a feature-rich phone usable in its prepaid network. It comes with an attractive price and very familiar form factor. One of the main highlight is the 4-row, physical QWERTY keyboard, that can hide under the display for convenient, easy and quick text input. T-Mobile has

HTC One Google Edition Won’t Fully Support T-Mobile’s HSPA Network

In general, prepaid phone users can purchase any kind of unlocked GSM smartphones to access plans offered by either T-Mobile or AT&T. But there are many things to consider, such as frequency bands and other details that may confuse them. Earlier Google’s devices can work well on both carriers, but it’s different with the HTC

T-Mobile Will Soon Announce the Simple Choice No Credit Check Plan

As a part of the phase 2 Uncarrier strategy, it becomes quite clear that T-Mobile is on the brink of announcing the “Simple Choice no credit check” plan. Subscribers would find similarities with FlexPay, which offers carrier’s full rate plan to customers without burdening subscribers with high deposit and credit check. The SCNC (Simple Choice