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EE Prepaid Subscribers Will Soon Enjoy Much Improved Network Quality

EE subscribers with prepaid plans will benefit from much improved network quality, because the operator is planning to upgrade 6,000 2G sites in the country, while expanding the 1,600 3G-capable sites. The company is planning to achieve an impressive 99.5 percent of “call success” rate. To reach this new standard, EE will invest about £275

Prepaid Subscribers in the UK Are Enjoying Cheapest Mobile Deals

Compared to prepaid users in the United States, Spain, Italy, Germany and France, those in the UK are benefiting of cheaper mobile phone and broadband deals. Ofcom has created 5,000 household profiles to come to this conclusion. Participants of the survey include households with most basic mobile requirements through those with more comprehensive communications services.

Android 4.4 Update Could Arrive Faster to Non-Nexus Devices

Google has finally unwrapped the Kit Kat chocolate bar and users of current Android devices are wondering when they could get the new software, skinned or vanilla. Apparently, Google wants to speed things up and make the Kit Kat available more quickly for owners of non-Nexus devices in the United Kingdom. As soon as the

Prepaid Subscribers in the UK Should Avoid Fake BBM apps

Bogus BBM apps for Android devices are still fooling prepaid subscribers in the UK looking for a genuine one. So far, Google hasn’t done anything to stop these imposters from polluting its Google Play catalogue. Analysts have expressed their concern that the company is too laid-back and a bit sloppy in deciding what apps that

Apple iPhone 5S is the Fastest Prepaid Smartphone in the UK

Smartphone enthusiasts often argue that the have the greatest handset, but it appears that the iPhone 5S could be the fastest. The handset has been tested against the likes of the LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 using various benchmarking tools, both for single- and multi-core performance. Samsung actually made the A7 64-bit processor

Samsung Releases Galaxy Ace 3 for Prepaid Subscribers in the UK

Four months after the official announcement, Samsung has finally made the Galaxy Ace 3 available in various UK stores, including Tesco and Carphone Warehouse. The budget smartphone model has been enjoying good success in various European countries. It is a direct extension of the original Ace and Ace 2, known for their good features/price ratio.

Prepaid Subscribers in Rural Areas Will Benefit From Expanded Mobile Coverage

The UK government is encouraging major carriers to provide better innovation as broadband service will be expanded to rural areas. Mobile operators in the UK will meet providers of fixed broadband services for a plan to provide high-performance broadband coverage to all areas of the countries in the next five years. The move should benefit

LG G2 is Available for Prepaid Subscribers in the UK

Prepaid subscribers in the United Kingdom with preferences towards LG’s high-end devices are in luck. The Clove UK has started the sales of LG G2 at £480 including VAT. The device includes the QuickWindows cover. Previously, Three UK has introduced the G2 with two-year of contract agreement (£29 per month) and £49 down payment, so

Samsung My Galaxy App is Available for Prepaid Subscribers in the United Kingdom

Samsung has revealed its My Galaxy app, which is usable for prepaid subscribers in the United Kingdom. It helps owners of Samsung Galaxy devices get more capabilities from their phones. It offers uniquely tailored content and provides highly personalized user experience. Tickets for live events, film content and quick access to Samsung’s stores are included

Vertu Constellation is Available in the UK

Prepaid subscribers in the UK with bottomless wallet and a hunger for a good taste; may consider choosing Vertu’s new Android smartphone. Priced at £4090, the Vertu Constellation is the company’s second attempt with the Prepaid Vertu Constellation Android platform. Despite its ridiculously high price tag, the phone isn’t a high-end powerhouse. Users also won’t get