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Verizon Updates Prepaid Plans for Its MNVO, the Next G

Verizon launched its MNVO, the Next G Mobile, about one year ago and recently subscribers will obtain some changes to their current plans. They can now choose between four new monthly plans that start from £6 with 500 text messages and 300 minutes of talk time for one month without MMS and data. For £12

T-Mobile Seems to Steer Subscribers Away From Its Prepaid Phones

T-Mobile subscribers typically visit to shop for available prepaid phones in company’s lineup. In general, the prices are similar to what we see on Amazon, Walmart and Target. But when subscribers buy their phone from T-Mobile’s site, they may get the free airtime refill. Unfortunately, T-Mobile made its prepaid phones up to 50 percent more

ZTE Open Arrives With Interesting Prepaid Plan

The ZTE Open is a Firefox smartphone, which could appeal to prepaid carriers. Launched initially in Spain, the phone is sold at only 69 Euro or S90 off-contract. Customers also receive 30 Euro of additional prepaid credits in their account, which sweeten the deal immensely. But with its new operating system, the ZTE Open has

T-Mobile’s Prepaid iPhone 5 Is Now Available in Best Buy and Wal-Mart

The Apple may no longer be the hottest smartphone in the market, but the phone should still be added in any carrier’s portfolio. According to recent news, consumers planning to join T-Mobile’s prepaid plan can now purchase the iPhone 5 from Wal-Mart and Best Buy. The iPhone 5 model has 16GB of internal storage and

Straight Talk May Soon Apply Data Throttling to Its Prepaid Plan

There were rumors previously that Straight Talk subscribers will get 2.5GB monthly data cap. At 2.5GB mark, the data speed will be throttled to the slow dial up-like connection. Straight Talk may also stop sending data entirely for the remainder of the month after subscribers use up to 4GB. Straight Talk subscribers are now using