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Uber is Included in Sprint’s Android Smartphones

Uber is a relatively popular taxi app and Sprint has automatically added the app in its Android smartphones. New customers could get a free credit of $20. It’s the latest move by the developer and the carrier to attract customers. This is also an attempt by the company to counteract multiple negative headlines that affect

The Rise of Prepaid Plans in the UK Could Threaten Apple

Consumers in the UK increasingly sign up to prepaid accounts, which allow them to obtain wireless services in bite-sized chunks. Not only they can better control how many minutes they want to talk and how many megabytes they need everyday, consumers can also cancel the contract at any time. In contrast, major carriers in the

4G LTE Connectivity Will Be Initially Unavailable for iPhone 5S/5C in O2 UK Network

Prepaid subscribers with iPhone 5S/5C in O2 UK’s network should expect to get dizzying fast data speed from the carrier, since the 4G LTE access will be disabled for them for about a month or more. The carrier confirmed that these devices couldn’t immediately access the 4G network at first due software incompatibilities. It’s claimed