T-Mobile Will Offer Samsung Gravity Q For Its Prepaid Subscribers

T-Mobile Samsung Gravity QT-Mobile has unveiled a new phone, the Samsung Gravity Q, a feature-rich phone usable in its prepaid network. It comes with an attractive price and very familiar form factor. One of the main highlight is the 4-row, physical QWERTY keyboard, that can hide under the display for convenient, easy and quick text input. T-Mobile has a similar device in its portfolio, the TXT, with roughly similar hardware specs and available for £89 The carrier hasn’t given us any official launch date.

The display is also usable for inputs, since the Gravity Q also has a touchscreen 3” QVGA display. The basic 2Mp camera on the back is usable for taking quick pictures and recording short clips. But as expected, the camera sensor would be pretty much useless in the night and at low-light places.

The Samsung Gravity Q weighs about 4.2 ounces and inside, the phone is equipped with 256MB of internal storage and 128MB of RAM. There’s a 416MHz single-core processor and microSD card slot that supports up to 32GB of additional memory. The 1000mAh battery offers 6.5 hours of web browsing and 5 hours of talk time.

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