T-Mobile Introduces A New Prepaid Family Plan

T-Mobile Prepaid Family PlanBudget users will surely find T-Mobile recent announcement interesting. Starting July 14, subscribers can purchase a non-contract, family-plan option, without being signed up to the post-paid Smart Plans operated by TMO. The new plan should be appropriate for any family with up to five people.

Consumers can bring a second phone into the plan for £19 per month and £6 each for the third, fourth and fifth phones. All phones in the plan get unlimited voice, text messaging and data, but the speed is throttled only to 128kbps, after the 500MB data allowance per phone is used up.

Unlimited high-speed data is available if users agree to pay an additional fee of  £12 per phone per month. As a comparison, Smart Plans include post-paid fees and taxes, about £0.97 per phone on the monthly cost. Without fees and taxes, prepaid plans are more affordable than the Smart plans.

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