StraightTalk Re-Launch AT&T-Compatible SIM Cards for Prepaid Subscribers

StraightTalk AT&T Compatible SIM CardsStraightTalk recently announces the re-release of SIM cards that are compatible with AT&T’s network. For no official reason, these cards were removed in January and delisted without warning. Subscribers can purchase and activate these SIM cards once again. The operator offers both micro-SIM and full-size versions of the cards.

They are compatible with select devices and users can purchase them for £9 each. The re-listing of the cards has ended the controversy regarding the unexplained disappearance of AT&T’s BYOD on StraightTalk. But unfortunately, these cards are available only in select markets and there’s no word whether the carrier would expand the availability.

It remains to be seen whether the return of AT&T-compatible SIM cards for StraighTalk would re-ignite interest and increase sales of devices supported by the carrier. There would be no changes in the structure of the plan and this could appeal to old subscribers.

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