Straight Talk May Soon Apply Data Throttling to Its Prepaid Plan

Straight Talk Prepaid PlanThere were rumors previously that Straight Talk subscribers will get 2.5GB monthly data cap. At 2.5GB mark, the data speed will be throttled to the slow dial up-like connection. Straight Talk may also stop sending data entirely for the remainder of the month after subscribers use up to 4GB.

Straight Talk subscribers are now using networks provided by four major nationwide carriers and the company tends to hide any kind of difference between networks used to maintain the image of a unified network. There’s a possibility that data caps throttling will be imposed differently between carriers. At the moment, hidden data caps seems to be imposed mostly against users on AT&T’s network and less against Verizon.

There are almost no reports that users in Sprint and T-Mobile network experience reduction in data usages. Straight Talk currently doesn’t offer clear information on the amount of data already used by subscribers within a month, so they could be less resistant to this development.

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